===Strength ===

Depending on your Strength level, it is said to penetrate through your opponent's defences. Strength also allows you to hit higher damage, making this skill very important in Player vs Player (PVP) spots, and may support in helping complete many quests such as Desert Treasure and Lunar Diplomacy.

Weapons that require StrengthEdit

Black Halberd: Level five

White Halberd: Level five

Mithril Halberd: Level ten

Adamant Halberd: Level fifteen

Rune Halberd: Level twenty

Dragon Halberd: Level thirty (with sixty attack)

Granite Maul: Level fifty (with fifty attack)

Obsidian Maul: Level sixty

Dharok's Great Axe: Level seventy (with seventy attack)

Torag's Hammers: Level seventy (with seventy attack)

Granite Shield: Level fifty (with fifty Defence)

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